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La la la..... Hello LiveJournal =)


I'm so excited! Tomorrow I am going to Arizona to visit my friend! My second home, literally! On Monday I'll be 19 years old and I'll be celebrating my birthday with my friends from Arizona. Party party party =) I'll be staying with my good friend for a week, and I'll even be celebrating Thanksgiving with her and her mother. I'm so excited and can't wait! I've thought about all of the things I'll be taking with me, but they don't find in my bag, so I'm taking a luggage with me instead!!! xxxxxxx


Tomorrow I'm going over to Yuma for 3 days to spend some time with my friend!!!! Woooooooohhhhhhhhhooooooooo!!! Thank goodness for Labor Day!  =))))))


Hello everyone!! Last Saturday, my parents, myself and a good guy friend of mine went to San Diego, CA 'cause we were gonna go to Knott's Berry Farm, but it didn't turn out =((( We couldn't find the place and in the end we just went to Oceanside, and I came upon a reggae store called *Earth Culture Roots* I right-away fell in love with the store when I stepped inside)))) Many beautiful things! Lots of pretty bags, and I got myself a hemp backpack!! Woooohhhhhhoooooo! We also went to a swap meet in Oceanside and I got lots of pretty necklaces and even took a picture with a hippie lady who made them. On our way back, we stopped in El Cajon, CA to go to my favorite grocery store *Sprouts Foods Farmers Market* I love that store sooooooo much, because they have all kinds of vegetarian goodies. Vegan ice-cream! Finally I was able to get some Vegenaise... it's a vegan mayonnaise... no eggs or any of that! So I was super-thrilled! Have you ever seen a person go all crazy going grocery-shopping? Just gasping at any *veggie* product they see? Well, that's certainly me! I get more excited going to that store, than going to the mall! Hahaha. I wish I could move back to El Cajon, CA just because of that store =)))

New CD!

Thanks Daria for reminding me to log on here =)))
How's everyone?
Well, I've got good news for me! I had ordered another Russian CD from Amazon! The CD *31 Июня* and I'm happy with it! I only like 3 songs from there, but that's because those are the only 3 songs I've heard so far. Those songs are:  *Мир Без Любимого*, *Ищу Тебя* , and *Что Было Однажды* The last song is my favorite! I'm even happier that the booklet of the CD comes with the lyrics! Now I can listen to the songs and follow along, so that I can learn the songs =))) And since that CD is a soundtrack from a film, I'm thinking about downloading the movie sometime =)


I feel enlighted... I feel superb... once I hit that machine! The last one I had, I broke it from going on it too fast, so after that I was doing regular walking. At first that was okay, but then I lost my complete motivation... I was still walking every day, but in a very lethargic way.. and I recently also gained some weight that brought back some hysteria. The other day when my sister saw me walking around the house, she told me I could use her machine (gazelle). She's told me this before, but I never took the advantage of it, thinking I was doing fine by just doing other work-outs... but this time I couldn't say "no"... I don't want to gain every thing back! Today is my third day and I feel better because I feel reassured that I will certainly lose weight. I'm positive. I'm just not so sure of that machine... I know I'm gonna end up breaking it and it's not even mine! That thing isn't sturdy enough! The petals are plastic and the thing that holds that machine together are small screws. Heh.


So much for being *relieved* yesterday. I went to my dentist's appointment and all was well at first... the dentist put those shots on me and this time I did feel a little sting, but that wasn't the worst part.... This time I could feel him DRILLING on my teeth... One tooth in particular hurt me the most. After that I left with my mouth still numb and we went to Wal-Mart with my mom... I felt weird 'cause my mouth felt all swollen even though it wasn't... it was just the anesthesia they had put. During the night as the anesthia was wearing off, I started feeling sooooooooo much pain on my left botton teeth... It hurt soooo much but I didn't know what to take =((((( Hmmm... and when both of my siblings went with this dentist, they didn't feel a thing! No problems - no pain. This is why they recommended him to us... Ehh liarsssss. Haha. Well, it's different for every one. I don't blame the dentist. He did his job. I just think that maybe that tooth of mine was all screwed up. I mean, this is the first time ever that I've gone to get my teeth properly checked AND fixed. Well, I was very tired anyway 'cause I had stayed up ALL night and didn't go to sleep that day, so I jut went to bed and when I woke up I forgot about my pain.. it had gone away (thank goodness for that). Tomorrow I have another appointment... I'm gonna get a deep-cleaning on my teeth.. and I told my friend about this and she says that she heard it hurts. Ahhhhhhh! LOL! We'll see what happens tomorrow =PPPPP


Tomorrow I have my second appointment with the dentist... I'm gonna get two of my cavities fixed. This time I'm not so worried, because I know he's a good dentist. I felt no pain whatsoever... didn't even feel the needle when he put that anesthesia on me. Tomorrow I'm good to go =)

Second Life

Where have I been?? It seems like I've forgotten about this website... the last time I wrote on here was on Valentine's Day.. haha.
Lately I've been playing with my friend on Second Life... an online game, kind of like the Sims... we've even stayed up until 8 in the morning... yep, I'm still tired! =O But on Second Life is great because I get to spend time with her...


I'm enjoying the cold-rainy and windy weather today!! =)
Also, on Valentine's Day night, I got bored and dressed up for fun... went through my closet and found an old fave T-shirt of mine from the movie, Return Of The Living Dead... and took some pics! Haha.. I remember when I cut-up this T-shirt! =P



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